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Sarah GledsonSarah Gledson
15:32 25 Nov 23
We hired the headphones for a brownie sleepover. The girls enjoyed it so much we used them 4 times over the weekend. The girls said the Quiet On The Set Party was the best part.The set up was as easy as it said. The communication from the company was constant and very efficient. I would highly recommend.
Whousee CaphisentanWhousee Caphisentan
13:43 25 Nov 23
Came with good instructions. Very easy to use. Was delivered and collected on time. My guests loved it and will be doing the same at their next parties. A really great experience all round. Thanks
Suzanna RobertsSuzanna Roberts
13:27 25 Nov 23
We hired Quiet On The Set for our party, which we held outside in accordance with Covid restrictions.We were really impressed by the quality of the sound though the headphones and the range of the transmitters. This meant people could dance while maintaining social distance guidelines and, having two channels, was great fun.Everybody loved the silent disco and it made our party a great success. Highly recommended.
Sheila ArmstrongSheila Armstrong
16:29 24 Nov 23
I highly recommend Quiet On The Set Party - the service was professional and seamless from start to finish and so affordable. Very easy, from the point of ordering to delivery and collection, consistent and friendly communication throughout. The equipment was easy to set up, we had 50 headsets and 2 channels. My guests loved it and it's such a brilliant way to get everyone up on the dance floor! So much fun! I will definitely use them again. Thank you!
Carter FisherCarter Fisher
16:19 24 Nov 23
Everything worked really well & the instructions were easy to follow.Quiet On The Set Party team were quick to respond with queries & helped sort out a delivery glitch (not their fault) quickly for us. We will be using them again!
20:27 21 Nov 23
These are great headphones. If i ever need more, I will buy these again. Highly recommend😀
Alex FerrierAlex Ferrier
07:42 21 Nov 23
These are fantastic! My sister bought some for her husband and I did likewise for mine. Her husband is hard of hearing and mine has tinnitus. The nice thing about the product is that anyone could use them to hear programming clearer (who among us has not had to rewind to catch what was said?), person controls their own "ears" and can completely mute the TV. If you want a quieter household, these are for you! Plus they are comfortable to wear; not cumbersome at all.
William HazonWilliam Hazon
07:20 21 Nov 23
My friends have this brand and gave them rave reviews and I was able to use theirs before buying my own set. I was able to install the unit to my tv by myself, without having to call in the grandkids for help. They work perfectly and I love them. I can watch tv without disturbing my family late night they don’t even know I’m still up
Toby MargaretToby Margaret
20:10 20 Nov 23
These are everything they claim to be, and have been the perfect solution. Tried them at a relative's house and immediately hooked. And they can be connected in several ways, so not too much of a tech hassle, plus they provide three different types of connectors: bonus! It is something of an adjustment to get used to the earpieces, (not as sophisticated as earbuds for instance) but don't see it as a big issue. Just takes some adjusting and experimenting. Very pleased with this purchase
Darys LopezDarys Lopez
19:49 16 Jan 23
Very happy with this company's service. First, best price around. The headsets worked great and it was a hit with all the guests. The owner was responsive, friendly and very considerate. Would definitely recommend.
Juan AlzateJuan Alzate
03:03 01 Oct 21
By far the BEST Headset “Silent Disco” Company I’ve ever dealt with. The owner was responsive, on time, communicated clear expectations and delivered well above all standards. I HIGHLY recommend them and I am looking forward to having them back VERY soon. I had a party for 175 people and it was amazing! THANK YOU!
Chani OdzeChani Odze
17:10 22 Jul 21
Very professional and excellent service! Was super happy!
brionna hardemonbrionna hardemon
20:47 19 Feb 20
I’m very pleased that I booked with Quiet On The Set. This company was very professional and was always available for any questions I had. I would recommend them for any event that is requesting the usage of headphones. Make sure you book with them. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cassandra CarrollCassandra Carroll
20:52 12 Feb 20
Great experience awesome quality sound.
Eiby MendezEiby Mendez
20:29 12 Feb 20
If you want an Epic party without any disruption at home, a restaurant, or anywhere you choose, this is the place to call! It is loud in your ear but respects everyone else's space. You don't have to worry about your neighbors calling the cops due to loud noise or people at the restaurant complaining. Book your Silent Party today!
Eiby MendezEiby Mendez
20:21 09 Aug 19
If you're looking for an epic party without disturbing your neighbors, this is the go to place. Great quality headphones, very professional and great customer service! I would recommend anytime!
Great time using their headphones for a corporate networking event. Quiet On The Set Headphones allowed us to have two instructors teaching in the same room at the same time. Which was the perfect solution for our problem. I would definitely recommend them.
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