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A New Way to Party

With Quiet on the Set Party Rentals, you can say goodbye to noise complaints and hello to a truly immersive and interactive party experience. Our silent headphones allow your guests to tune in to the music or audio of their choice without disturbing others. Let the party-goers dance to their own beat and create an atmosphere that is tailored to their preferences.

At Quiet on the Set Party Rentals, we are passionate about creating unique and unforgettable experiences. We understand the importance of exceptional sound quality and customer satisfaction, which is why we provide only the best silent headphones on the market. Our headphones are wireless, easy to use, and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

With years of experience in the event industry, we have perfected our service to ensure seamless coordination and delivery. Our team is dedicated to making your event a success by providing reliable equipment and excellent customer support. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to exceeding your expectations.

At first glance, it looks like everyone is dancing in a silent space. But they are actually listening to music through wireless headphones linked to a transmitter at a D.J.’s turntable. When you put them on, all you hear is crisp, clear music and at a volume you control. There are three channels of audio with different music on each one, so it’s like having three parties in one. You can even tell which channel your friends are listening to by the color of their headphone lights.


Private Parties

Transform your party into a silent disco with our silent headphones. Guests can switch between channels and choose from different genres of music, creating a personalized experience for everyone.


Corporate Events

Make your corporate event stand out with our silent headphones. Whether it’s a conference, team-building activity, or product launch, our headphones will provide crystal-clear sound and engage your attendees.

Weddings and Celebrations

Create a magical and inclusive atmosphere at your wedding or celebration with our silent headphones. Guests can enjoy different playlists or speeches without disturbing others, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

How it Works

Contact Us

Get in touch with our team to discuss your event requirements, including the date, location, and the number of headphones you need. We’ll guide you through the rental process and help you choose the right package.

Delivery and setup

On the day of your event, our team will deliver the headphones to your venue and set them up for you. We’ll ensure that everything is in working order, and provide any necessary instructions.

Enjoy the party

Once the headphones are set up, your guests can start enjoying the silent experience. They can easily switch between channels and adjust the volume to their liking.


After the event, our team will return to collect the headphones. We’ll handle the disassembly and ensure that all equipment is accounted for.

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